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What a regrettable thing is that the soft side of Su Shi seems to account for only one-eighth of his life; What is gratifying is that Su Shi��s soft side only accounts for one-eighteenth of his life Wholesale Cigarettes. He sang all the way to the eternal singer of ��Da Jiangdong, the waves, the ages, the west side of the martial arts��. Root bamboo stick, "Bamboo stick mans shoes lightly win horses, who is afraid? A smoky rain rain Ren Pingsheng" Sui Tang is screaming! Su Shi��s talents are difficult to generalize with a few words. As I saw in the exhibition hall, he is also a Buddhist scholar, a Taoist, and a Confucian fan. There are stories about Su Shi and Buddhism, as well as stories of Su Shi��s reading. Of course, even if these allusions are not shown here, I know that because these stories are passed on by word, breast milk is known and relished. Our university scholars don��t really take it for granted. He said that he thinks that the most valuable thing he has done in his life is his own book, The Analects of Confucius, and the later Dongpo, which was jointly completed by Sansu. Easy to pass. It is true that we think of Su Shi always remembering his talents of ��writing thousands of words and moving words to Kyushu��. We regard him as my spiritual wealth, but I don��t know, he also needs a spiritual support. He knows Chinese culture too much Newport 100S, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Zhou Yi, he seems to be satisfied after one by one, and these traditional Chinese cultures are mixed together, which has created a spiritual monument to Su Shi, so Su Shi We have also created a monument for us. We admire Su Shi��s talents, but I don��t know that he used to be a ��sorrowful sorrow��, and he is also obsessed with food, and he is also very obsessed with medicine. There are medicated diets in the exhibition hall, as well as a variety of food practices, so we read Su Shi, often shrouded in a huge figure. That is the figure of a giant. Su Shi and Su Shi��s exhibition hall are definitely not catching up with Su Shi! Their "specialization in the profession" is also an impeccable and outstanding person. Like most literati, the learning is done well, but the career path is full of ups and downs. Only Su Shi��s "Su Laoquan, twenty-seven, starting to work, reading books" may be worth a taste. This kind of spirit, for us to graduate into a whirlpool of money interests, forget the original dream, is not a kind of Smack! "Which name can be awkward, both sons are good and good", this may be the highest praise of a father Sansu grave is in front of you Marlboro Lights. There is no solemn arrangement, no lively scenes, three graves next to each other, a grave and a monument. The monument was established in the Qing Dynasty. It only knows that it is the tomb of the Su family. I don��t know which one of the three Soviets was buried. Therefore, the inscription is also vague, "Mr. Su's Tomb" is just that. If it is not a hint of the inscription, if it is not in the Sansu grave, such a tomb can be seen everywhere. They lay there quietly, and the fame and fortune was thrown away. The word poetry was thrown away, leaving a bone with a bone to the future generations. The three gentlemen were so high, and they were so desolate after the death. Compared with the tombs of the faint courts, his short grave seemed to be complaining about grievances. Hey! How many people are thinking about those behind them when they are alive? Just like this, taking advantage of my nerdy temper, giving several gentlemen a few heads, and making the Sansu Tomb more confident in the face of those noble and noble nobles, I have been thinking, Su Shi Why do you want Su Shi to bury him here? Is it because of the Taoist holy land not far away - Lotus Hill? Or because of the high terrain here, he was buried here enough to see his hometown of Xiqiao Cheap Cigarettes, and I finally agreed with such a statement. Not far away, there is a place surrounded by mountains, here comes a Western Han Dynasty to stay in Zhang Liang! He believes that a place that can give Zhang Liangtie's general will also be able to greatly strengthen his spirit. He has every reason to believe that this land can give him spiritual support! When I walked back, I was surprised to find that the arborvitae and the towering ancient trees planted in the Sansu cemetery witnessed the past and present of the Three Sue, "the height is not cold," and many of the arborvitae were blown down by the mountain wind. It will fall down, but it will be clean and neat, and it will not bend or bend. The environment will grow even worse. Su Shi, after the "Wutai Poetry", is like this. It is defeated and defeated like a hero! "It is the green hills that can be buried in the bones, and the young people are hurting the next year." The tourists are sparse, and the empty Sansu grave unexpectedly rains! Maybe this is a resonance. There is a stone tablet of the "Suyuan listening to the rain" in the Qing Dynasty. It is true that there will be a few drops of tears from time to time, and a few drops should be dropped! "Do not listen to the sound of wearing forest leaves, why not scream and Xu Xing", in the midst of the heavens, Tianli is clear. However, just after the Sansu grave, I heard tourists say, "I don��t know who buried Su Shi here, but will choose the place. ."what! what! what! Didn't you also visit? Didn't you see that it was written by Su Shi that Su Shi had buried him here? Hey! There are few tourists in Sansu tomb, and it is hard to come to a few to come to the arty. Forget about it here! Whether it should be forgotten! There are three lonely people lying here, a few more such visitors Carton Of Cigarettes, more than a few crows, will only make the three Soviets more lonely!
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