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I shook my head and looked at the old camera in his hand. "When he came to shoot, he obviously groaned. After looking at his camera, his face was faintly blamed. After a long time, I sighed and sat down to me. Come around, "I am an ordinary worker, but I still like these things, and I have followed most of my life. When I took the sunrise that day, I felt that it was inappropriate to leave my son alone at home. I dragged him too. As a result, I remembered the sunrise completely, and I forgot him. When the sun rises, I only Suddenly remembered, looking back Marlboro Lights, only my own shadow stood there alone, I, I lost him..." The voice was hoarse, like the old record player, I changed my tone, I licked my mouth, no I don��t have to look over him for a long time. I��m afraid I��ve found it for a long time. I��m afraid I can��t find it anymore. I��m saddened in my heart. But I can��t say a word �C give up when I pull him out of the bed. He still fell asleep, I knew... I knew that I was still so young. I forgot that he couldn��t keep up with me. He must have called me. He must have cried. I didn��t even hear...�� He has been there. Muttering, my eyes are dull and empty, I listened to his words, still silent. The sun has sunk, the bamboo forest is darker, and the contours of his face are as if I am separated by frosted glass. "Yes! I will show you photos..." He said that he is self-proclaimed. From the camera, "a lot of photos... I took a lot of good cameras but didn't react at all. He looked very impatient, rudely tossed, accidentally dropped the camera out, I stared at his side face, sighed The tone blocked his action to get up and "enough." He turned his head in surprise and looked at me inexplicably. Although I was looking at me, my eyes didn't know where I was. "Your sun has sunk." I paused and saw that the distant part of the forest had been integrated into the twilight mokingusacigarettes.com, and I could not see it. "You follow the light, so you can't see the shadow until you turn around and look for it Cigarettes For Sale, but it's a shadow. Let's put it down, you have been trapped for so long, and you should escape from the shadow." His body trembled and screamed in despair and desperation. "No, I, my son hasn't found it yet. No, I have to go to him. He is going to see the sunrise. Yes, yes, I am closed." Eyes, the sound of the ear is like a torn cloud of smoke, after all, it is still passing through the evening wind. Bamboo forest still sighs, I saw that the man��s camera is not far away, he got up and wanted to go Come back. When I am lonely, look at the scenery he has followed. I want to straighten up and lift my eyelids. The body is stiff and can��t move anymore. For a long time, I feel that something moist has slipped over my face. I saw it, the road I came to, the road that was kicked by the angry and angry at the moment, the smoke and the grass at the moment, the time when I had no way to be imprisoned, the sighs were low and lingering. The bamboo forest returned to silence.
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