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Twenty years ago, I was like a dandelion, and I was scraped into Langfang by ��working wind��. I stood on the bridge of the triangular railway station in Langfang. The train that left me was gone and disappeared into the lighter and weaker white smoke. A chill came to my heart. The cold feeling is not because of the falling snow in the sky, but the tattered streets in this city that is not like the city. My heart is in utter disappointment. A seed always grows and germinates. I also took root in a foreign land, the city called Langfang. The hard work and hard work in the countryside has become the capital for me to eat in the city. Slowly, I have a fixed job in Langfang. I saw the spring of a foreign land and the hope of Langfang through the white snow in winter. Also in the winter, in this city called Langfang, I met her �C a Langfang who was willing to hold hands with me for a lifetime. The bright smile on her face made me feel the warmth of spring. Perhaps, because of this, I liked her, liked the city of Langfang Cigarettes For Sale, and liked the winter in this city. From then on, no matter the wind here, the snow here is full of warmth in my eyes, and winter has become a different charm. Time flies, the years have pulled my unscrupulous hair boy into the ranks of the year of no confusion. Looking back, the city is full of winter touch. The street, the orderly layout will make your eyes shine, let you feel that even the north wind of winter is so gentle and affectionate. From time to time, a burst of laughter and laughter from all corners will become the most memorable style in your journey. The thoughts of Langfang people are also changing. The speed at which they connect fashion has already exceeded the pace of their lives. On the street of Langfang, there are commercial advertisements with the "Beijing semicolon" everywhere. The most obvious is the "Beijing Jingkelong Langfang Store" on the north side of Fifth Avenue on the north side of Times Square and the West Fourth Street opposite. The head of "Langfang. Beijing Women's Street." The propaganda slogan of Langfang Development Zone is also: choose Langfang, which is to choose a large number of national and provincial development projects such as Beijing-Tianjin Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone Wholesale Cigarettes, Dongfang University Town, Tsinghua Science Park, etc. Toshiba, Foxconn, Huawei... and many other internationally renowned companies have settled in this hot spot. In November 2010, the economic circle of Hebei Province, which was adopted in November 2010, Langfang��s unique location in ��half an hour to go to Beijing, one hour to defend�� is even more remarkable than the high-rise buildings, and more blue than the blue sky and white clouds. In Langfang, blue sky and white clouds are not extravagant; Even in the winter night at the beginning of the Hua Deng, the neat and bright roads were unscrupulously leaking from the gaps in the branches of the green belt, and the beautiful ribbons were hung on the passing vehicles and passing pedestrians; the neon lights turned the distant buildings into mirages. Gray-blue curtains are staged. Even the winter sun likes Langfang. Langfang people also prefer it. Look! In the morning, the tide of office workers, Chaoyang has already reddened their faces, dyed their smiles; listen! Who is singing on the road, let the wind chasing the sun happily, and there is a blue sky behind him; Hey! The old people in the park and the square are sitting around chewing the sun, and time is taking time... A group of pigeons flew up, and the old people's past events were brought to the clear air, and the winter of the gold Langfang was scattered. Most of them were scattered snowflakes. Blossoming, a grain and a pedestrian spoiled, flew into the eyelashes, and then plunged into the neck... People used to shrug their shoulders and smiled; sometimes the city was covered in silver, when people were in the heart Another enchanting, running on the thick snow, looking at the clear footprints behind him, like looking back at the life he has walked in. If you pay attention, the most exciting thing is the light rain with a few snowflakes in the early winter, people It is impossible to tell which piece is snow, which is rain, just like the season is not clear; people walk on the edge of the season, stay in love with the rainy season, and look forward to the winter cleanliness. Like the winter of Langfang, even its wind It��s also different, don��t look cold on it, but it��s warm in the bones. Whether I��m returning from a business trip in Jiangnan or just going to the frozen northern Xinjiang, when I set foot on Langfang, I will feel the wind in Langfang. The most kind, the most kind. The tiredness of the journey, the troubles of the work, all in the moment when the slightest chilly wind blew through my ears, and I spread my hair along the air. My heart Also soon The city is integrated into one. I feel the frequency of being swayed by the wind; I feel the affection of the wind. I like the beauty of Langfang winter, the snow, the raindrops, the wind and the emotions that have accumulated in my heart for many years, and the Langfang people are actively moving up. The life mentality and the lover walked on the street, looking at the corner of the sunny sun just found a small piece of green grass with a yellow hat. They sneaked on the side of the road, squinting at me happily. This is the green of winter, I like this green The calmness that people have revealed in their haste. In this Yongding River wild beach with no history, no foundation, no mineral deposits, and no resources, the sight of Langfang is almost a miracle. It meets the eyes of the world. Dancing, dancing the wind, dancing the snow, dancing the young city. I am happy to be rooted in this beautiful and hopeful city.
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