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Twenty-two, as of 2014, the number of Chinese ��comfort women�� who survived the Japanese invasion of China and are still alive and have been publicly identifiable, and there are statistics, through the 22nd, there should be At least 200,000 Chinese women who have been persecuted. The documentary "22" truly shows the current living conditions of these old people. There is no commentary in the whole film, no historical pictures, no music rendering, more than an hour, so quietly telling and splicing, but your heart is heavy. The earth is pressed against a stone. It seems that the old people who are out of the air in the film are all eighty or ninety years old. They are also the backs of the cockroaches Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online. It is also the face of wrinkled vicissitudes. Kindly murky eyes, if they were not suddenly choked in front of the camera Marlboro 100S Carton, you seem to have been unable to find traces of bloody and brutal history from them. They are like a seed that has been blown down by the wind in the depths of the mountains. They grow silently and wither in silence. They are faintly sedimented in the hustle and bustle of the world, and it seems that no one has noticed their existence Marlboro Red 100 Carton. However, those countless silent dark nights have heard their inner cry, a history of blood and tears will never forget their experiences of suffering. In the documentary, the old people are sitting quietly in front of the fire to cook, or smiling to watch the children chasing and playing in front of the door, or watering the flowers in the yard... Director Guo Ke said that he really does not I have the heart to let these old people recall the experience of a nightmare more than 70 years ago. Therefore, there are not many complaints about blood and tears in the documentary, and even deliberately avoiding the experience that he can��t look back. He said that he wants to show it. It is these old people who have finally escaped the shadow of that period of history after many years, and lived peacefully and comfortably like their next-door grandmother. However, a bloody wound, even if it has been scarred, the pain that once was still so shocking; a history that has carried too much suffering, no matter how many years of experience, it should never be, and will not be forgotten before the camera. How many old people suddenly shed tears in the dull eyes Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, they suddenly cover their faces with old hands, or painfully twisted the clothes on their chests, and a row of turbid tears slid across their gully face, they were powerless Struggling, fear said: I don't want to say, I feel uncomfortable... Seventy years have passed, who said that time will wipe out everything? All hatred is only temporarily put into the bottle of Solomon, as long as Starting a little bit of a gap, the mountain shouts like a 97-year-old old man Wei Shaolan. In the winter of 1944, the Japanese soldiers who were carrying a one-year-old daughter in the village were caught and smashed into the vicinity. Ma Ling comfort station, three months later, she escaped with her daughter. Not long after returning home, she found herself pregnant, but the date was not the husband. On August 20, 1945, the fifth day after Japan��s unconditional surrender, Wei Shaolan��s child was born, named Luo Shanxue. The birth of Luo Shanxue made his mother Wei Shaolan the only victim of the ��comfort women�� system in China with a public identity. Because he is a descendant of "Ghost", no one is willing to marry him. Now he is 72 years old. He is a life-long, 72-year-old mother. The old man, Mao Yinmei, who was originally named Park Cheshun, was born in South Korea. He was separated from his loved ones. After being exiled to China, he was tricked into a Japanese military camp to be a comfort woman. After the Japanese surrendered, she escaped and married a Chinese man in Hubei. The dark and devastating ruin seriously damaged her physical and mental health Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. After marriage, she could not have her own children. Under the persuasion of her relatives, she and her husband had a daughter. Facing the camera, the old man is so gentle and kind. When talking about the past, the old man shook his head and said faintly: I don��t remember it! After a long silence, the old man suddenly stood up and looked at the camera deeply, fluently in a Japanese language. Said: Welcome! Please come in! Please come up... The old man smiles and smiles. The Japanese soldiers at that time will say this when they see them... I suddenly burst into tears outside the screen. An old man who doesn't know big words, but still remembers this Japanese sentence clearly after more than 70 years. How many times has she heard it, and what kind of fear is used to understand this sentence! After knowing her life, There are quite a few Korean volunteers who want to pick up the old man to go back and see, but she refuses. She said that there are no relatives there and they can't go backArirang, Arirang, my Lang Jun is far away from the mountains, you are really ruthless to throw me Next, if you go out of the door less than ten miles, you will think of tears. I seem to have seen "Jinling Thirteen Miles". Those Qinhuai girls who went to the Japanese military camp in order to save the thirteen female students also saw "Nanjing." !Nanjing!", the delicate and weak arm that Xiaomei raised in order to let her family share a small bag of sticks, and Yu Qiuyu wrote in "This is really quiet," in a weedy wilderness in Singapore. In the middle of the tomb of the Japanese military corps close together, a woman sitting next to me has been looking at the mobile phone because she sent a movie in the circle of friends, she is busy replying Everything likes and comments. If you just want to see "Twenty-two" in the circle of friends, then forget it, because "22" is to be remembered, not used to show off. Or, what you want to see is the special effects of the movie and the fancy exit of the Qiang and the prostitutes. That��s it, because there is never a proper rehearsal in real life, no one can write its story on August 14th, the movie. The day of the release, this day is also the World Comfort Day. Just two days before the film was released, with the death of Huang Youliang in the film, only 82 of the twenty-two old people were still alive. From "32" in 2012 to "22" in 2017, to 8 today, perhaps someday, they will disappear completely from the world with the number 0, but The history of the period with their blood and tears will not disappear, and the inhumane experience they have experienced should not be forgotten, because the world owes them a formal apology!