Tokenomy Exchange UI Review (OCD Version)

Hello Devs and TEN lovers.

Firstly i want to say my apologize to front end developer teams.
I didn't mean to offend any of you, but my OCD strikes when it comes to reviewing an UI.. :LOL:

For overall trading experience, the Tokenomy Exchange Alpha is already capable to deliver most of the trading feature and best experience.
The overall function both of security and trading platform is already in good shape and ready to step up to Beta Version. (y)
For the trading function, here is my suggestion :
  1. if its possible, please make the default price in the "Buy / Sell Limit Order" synchronized with the last Ask & Bid Price. No need for real time update, dynamic update every 3 - 5 second is enough
  2. Additional Tab & Function for "Stop Loss" feature (maybe this one already prepared for the Beta & Full Version)
Review EN1.jpg

I will talk more about improvements that can be made in the UI side (in my opinion).
I will divide it to 2 section : "PC View" and "Mobile View"

A. PC View
  1. Chart size is too small
  2. Please add Bollinger Band indicator in the chart (like in Indodax)
  3. If we open the web using 16:9 ratio monitor (the most common monitor ratio for NoteBook, LCD/LED TV, or PC Monitor), there will be too much blank space in the left and right side of the page (shown in purple arrow). that blank area can be used for enlarging the chart size
  4. There are no "Market Transaction History" view
    Review EN2.jpg

  5. "Market Depth Chart" & "Advanced Chart" is too close and somehow overlapping
  6. The text in that button is not "Vertically Center Aligned"
  7. Button position is not aligned with Chart's Y axis
  8. Too much blank space in "Commodity information bar"
  9. Too much blank space in "Main Menu Bar"
  10. I think its looks good if here are simple separator between menus in "Main Menu Bar"
    Review EN3.jpg

  11. There are no "emphasize" for large volume Buy / Sell order , maybe emphasize such as highlight or make the text bold can be added
  12. Please add information of minimum amount for Buy / Sell transaction
    Review EN4.jpg

  13. The format of writing Copyright information is uncommon.
    Common format is : "© 2018"
    Source :
  14. Tokenomy logo in footer area is unnecessary, there are already a logo in the header area
  15. Twitter link still linking to old twitter account (@TokenomyTen)
    Review EN5.jpg

  16. Font for the "Affiliate Program", "Commision Report", dan "Downline" tab is "Off theme" with the overall font theme
  17. Please add "Dark Mode" just like in Indodax. it help our eyes, a lot.. (y)
    Review EN6.jpg

B. Mobile View
  1. "reCAPTCHA" box can't fit nicely in the overall Log In box
    Review Mobile EN1.jpg

  2. Most of the page is still not "Mobile Friendly", especially page with small content such as : "MARKETS" (for Alpha version), "FUNDS", and "ORDERS"
  3. The "FUNDS" leftmost page is cut (in both of portrait and landscape mode)
    Review Mobile EN2_3.jpg

So far, thats what i've found.
I just eligible to access Alpha version since May 23rd, 2018, maybe some of my findings already discovered by older Alpha tester and already posted here to.
My apologize for that.
I haven't read every single review from the other Alpha tester.

For Tokenomy Devs, "Keep Moving Forwards..!!" :D:D
We all got your back..!! (y)(y)

For fellow TEN Hodlers, "Keep HODLing On..!!" :giggle:
Lets togeTEN we dancing with the Moon..!! :D:D

Thank You & Regards,
Pramudita Johan


1st Update : May 24th, 2018

Firstly, i wanna say thanks for the dev that always working hard to make the Tokenomy Exchange successful.
I feel honored because the dev agree with some of my point of view and already do some re-touch for some part of the UI.
i really appreciate that..

In this post (comment) i will explain what the dev already done until this post (comment) are made and some of my new little findings (May 24th, 2018 _ 20 P.M. UTC+8).

A. UI Update
  • Point 5, 6, 7 :
    "Market Depth Chart" & "Advanced Chart" Button Visual is already changed in Mobile Web Browser Version but still not changed in PC Web Browser Version
  • Point 8 :
    "Commodity Information Bar" is re-touched and getting slimmer & sleeker
  • Point 9 :
    "Main Menu Bar" & "Footer Area" is re-touched and getting slimmer & sleeker
  • Point 14 :
    Tokenomy logo on the footer area is removed
    Update Review 5_6_7_8_9_14.jpg

B. New Findings

  • Total Sell Order BUG
    May 24th, 2018 - arround 1 P.M (UTC +8)
    A bug appeared..!! No Total BTC in Sell Order Table
    i already report that directly to the dev via telegram (Vincentia Olga), and the dev responded it immediately to fix the bug.
    May 24th, 2018 - arround 1 P.M (UTC +8)
    Bug already fixed..!! The dev really working hard & fast to fix this bug.. Two thumbs up for that.. (y)(y)
    New Findings 1.jpg

  • Point 17 : "reCAPTCHA" box is not aligned with user info field (email & password) and Log In button (PC Web Version)
  • Point 18 : "LOGIN" button label is a little bit too small
    New Findings 2.jpg

  • Point 19 : The bottom of "Sell / Buy Order" table is not aligned with "Limit Tab"
    New Findings 3.jpg
That's the update from me for now..
I'll post update as soon as there're changes in the web or i if find anythings..

For the devs : Thank You and keep up the great works..!! (y)