Tokenomy Beta BUGs and Future Feature Suggestions

Dear Teams,

After several weeks using Tokenomy Exchange (T-Ex), here is some BUGs and future feature suggestion

Lets start with BUGs :
  1. "Last Price" information in web browser tab and actual last price for some market is not well synchronized. This bug will pop out sometimes tho, not a constant bug that always popping out.

    Some market that i found not well synchronized :
    - TRX/TEN
    - AE/TEN
    - ELF/TEN
    - TEN/ETH
    Image :
    Beta Review.jpg

So far, thats the only BUGs that i found in Beta Phase

Next, lets talk about future feature.

  1. Notification Bell in "ORDERS" Tab when our Buy / Sell Order has been Successfully Executed
    : No need detailed explanation i gues, just like Notification Bell feature in Indodax

  2. TEN Trading Fee Reserve for paying Trading Fee
    : Please add an option to reserve TEN Token that exclusively will be used for paying trading fee.
    Example :
    - Lets say i have 1000 TEN Token at the momment
    - Then i place 100 TEN Token in this "Trading Fee Reserve", so now i have 900 TEN in my active balance
    - Whenever i do trading in non-TEN paired market and acting as a market taker, the trading fee is deducted from this "Trading Fee Reserve" and not my active balance
    - System will give a warning when this "Trading Fee Reserve" is low or not enough to pay trading fee
    - When im trading in TEN paired market and buy the Token with 100% of my TEN, it will only deducting my active balance, and not including TEN that stored in "Trading Fee Reserve"
Thats what i got so far.
Please keep up the great works teams.. (y)(y)

Thank You and Best Regards,
Pramudita Johan