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She used to be, not what people are seeing now, lazy, and she is an optimistic, open-minded woman. Since she discovered that her husband had an affair, her heart suddenly fell from the boiling point to the freezing point, and the people around her reminded me many times in good faith that she had never shaken her trust in her husband. She knows that they have walked together through the rough and the wind and rain. I didn��t see it with my own eyes. She couldn��t believe that she would be convinced that her husband, who was tender and tender, would betray their marriage. She took her child to the restaurant, and her husband called and said, "Friends are invited, come on Marlboro Lights." She didn't think too much. "Let's do it, I will take a taxi for a while." Leading the child to the famous miscellaneous food. Fu, she called her husband's phone, the phone is a female voice, she has a kind of pain, inconvenience, "Xunzi, I am XXX, I will come out to pick you up." She did not wait for the person to come out and walk straight. I took a photo with the people. It turned out that my husband��s two friends took my wife and children. She looked up and saw a woman sitting in the corner, a husband��s colleague. They often played mahjong and a meal outside. She never thought about anything else. But when she saw this scene today, the two were a family of three. The husband and his colleagues took the children of the colleague, and the woman sat there just owed her, and her nameless fire went straight to her head. She After all, there are women who have conserved, she told everyone, "I have to go, the child still has to do homework, bring a bag, she does not know how to get out of the room." She came out to call her husband, the husband said a lot of words, She can't think of it until now. Suspect is that she thinks too much, and the thoughts are too complicated. Back home, she linked a lot of things, pondered for a long time, decided to divorce, her thoughts were opposed by all friends. She said to her friend: "I have been deliberate, not a moment of temperament, I will handle it well." Friend, let her talk more, let her live and persuade her, the child is still small, life has just improved, the hard times of the past Can walk along the way, what can still be passed now. The friend said: "He is actually a good person. He said that he is just getting closer to the woman Online Cigarettes. After all, working together, only a lot of times when the woman asks him to help, he will not refuse others, or Helping children to go to school, either helping people to build a home appliance, or helping others to move things, people are not at home, he is a very compassionate man, sometimes it is inevitable to be used." She told her friends, in fact, she had a hunch However, she is unwilling to accept such a reality. She is always unbelievable that her husband will be such a person. She has always believed in her husband. The most intolerable thing for her is that her husband tramples on the trust of a wife. After being persuaded by friends, the husband also repeatedly expressed his confession, and they finally failed to divorce. In her heart, the family has lost its meaning, the marriage has lost its meaning, she is just a hasty passenger, she rarely manages the housework as before, not as before, the floor has been wiped many times is not enough It hasn't been enough for the furniture to be wiped out many times. It hasn't been enough for the house to be sorted out many times. Now, she will never feel confused after not cleaning her for a week. Maybe her heart has been silent with that incident that year. Husband and colleagues have rarely contacted each other. She is more eager for her children than before Cigarettes Online. But she has never been able to get rid of the shadow of the miscellaneous food house. Is it true that as the saying goes, eating is always used to dinner? Need snack adjustment, eat the fine grain, you need to change the taste? In any case, she could not forgive her husband. In fact, she did not have the opportunity to give herself another love. She used to never dream of sleeping. Later, she often woke up from her dreams. She used to want to see a psychiatrist many times, but she was vetoed by herself. She could not take her own heart. She has always suspected that she is skeptical of everything, perhaps this is the husband's use of his kindness to bring her hard to heal. She often warns herself to examine her own heart and bear the mistakes and failures. Falling in the wind, tearing in love, this is the inevitable journey of life, should learn from the broader mind, should not lose the courage of love, and the pursuit of good life "The meaning of pain is not in the memory of pain, but in Guide the direction of happiness.�� When she read this sentence, she had been struggling for a long time. At this moment, she suddenly understood that people could not always live in painful memories. Maybe she will still dream, and she will wake up from her dreams. She has already realized it. The dream is not a guest.
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