Reason for buying or invest TEN


Active member
There some reason trader or investor holding ten
Kharis Tanuwijaya:
To be rich
To heal the world πŸ˜…
Hendrik T:
coz i believe in ten's project and its future value
To support the southeast asia blockchain project. I think if you want to get rich quick, ten is not something to look at. At least for now
trading is a choice, if you trust it then take it, if you dont, just take it leave... simple
Learned from past...other exchange token will grow more than the team...put in long term investment
Ivan Widjaja:
Too much money.. don't know where to spend it 😎
Yos Iskandar:
My mother told me
Widodo Soetedjo:
Because OD is my friend of friend and that friend is someone i know long enough and physically resemble andrew darwis.
Yurian Iqbal:
Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most and believe in it the longest. (Pearl Harbor)