on the green grassland


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I haven��t set foot on the green grassland in front of me, I saw the flock of sheep painting like a brush on the grassland, scattered on the grassland, this vast and innocent grassland, people feel suddenly and open, green eyes everywhere; blue The background of the color is covered with a few long white clouds. The green grass covers the mountains and covers the plains. Just like the boundless green carpet covers the whole earth, the river along the way is like a silver drift belt. The green grassland twists and turns, drifting in the wind until the sky blows, the grass dances in the wind, one after another, standing on the vast Hulunbuir prairie, feeling that he is also a small grass, swaying in the wind Dancing, smiling far away, you really came from Shanshan, with my wayward roaming on the grassland, this endless grassland, with the wind, set off the blue waves. There are all kinds of wildflowers blooming on the grassland. There is a cluster here, there is a piece of sunshine, bathing in the sunshine, fighting in the vast grassland, exudes a strong fragrance Marlboro Hard Cigerate, looking into the wildflowers, like colorful clouds, falling in the green On the grassland, I am light and step-by-step Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, like a butterfly flying on the grassland, quietly, cheerfully, holding your hand Buy Newport Online Cheap, pulling you in a daze, boarding the hills in front, the grasslands in front of you, like the green sea. The waves are in turmoil. The yurt is a little bit, hidden in the green tao, like a blossoming snow lotus in full bloom; a piece of sheep, dotted with grassland, like a pearl falling; the misty alpine grasslands looming, the white clouds fluttering in the mountains. It��s like a huge ink painting that makes people feel like a fairyland. I am drunk in your grassland. I found this grassland in my heart and found you Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. Under the sky, I became a happy and free bird, singing the sentence: "If the heart is clear, people walk freely, think How far you go, how far you go with you, leaving a string of joyous laughter, birds accompanied, cattle and sheep in groups, green and innocent, wild flowers rotten... Green on the grassland Bathing in the sunshine of the grassland, smelling the taste of green grass, scenting the flowers, so happy all the way, all the like, gentle and slow time, I love the grassland, have you Newport Short Cigareetes, have me, have a ring together Happy syllables, I sang loudly, "The song is flying." You whispered and swayed with the sun, and stepped on the lingering afterglow, rushing to the end of the grassland, where is our hard side, it is us. The homeland, with the wind and the grass, the sky, cattle and sheep in groups, white clouds, looking at your eyes, speechless, also awkward.