Inputs for Tokenomy exchange

First of all i think Login page is pretty good, eventhough design wise is still very simple and blunt. However let's focus on customer experience instead of the UI for now since William and team is trying to catch up with roadmap timeline.


1. Need to put a crypto to crypto comparison on the bar below funds, markets, orders etc so that people now what is the most updated hot market.
2.When you hit tokenomy logo on top left then it should brings you back to homepage (welcome page after you login)
3. Again same with the others, on the market you need to put the live version of the market movement
4. When you click TEN/BTC it brings you inside the tab, i think the left hand side of that tab which showing pricing from TEN/BTC it's a bit confusing because you don't put any explanation such as bid price, or selling price sort of things
5. Sell and buy features are ok
6. The leaderboard is not important for Beta or real version, this is not a competition, this is exchange
7. And agree with some of the suggestion that the current competition is not based on the technicality and going to the market strategy BUT it is based on who login first which is i think the early people will win.

I am not giving too many suggestion on UI however i try to focus on UX, as i run my own ecommerce business and i usually tested our end products and we do design sprint a couple of times which we take some benchmark from the market players and trying to build from there. Learning and sort of like "copying" from market leaders are not wrong, we take the good part and try to add on our taste by providing better version of it plus with a good UI. Please consider using design sprint on building this exchange on the future development, i know you guys currently trying to catch up with the timeline. I am happy to help and give more insight if William and team would like to run a design sprint for the dev team.

Hope to keep in touch