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I heard earlier that there is a humanistic monument in a place not far from my work. Actually, Su Shi, Su Shi, and Su Shi��s burial place were busy, and it was not easy to take time off. Although the heart was stolen, they could not go. A little lost feeling. On the 29th, just raised the well, Pan Shifu, who was in the class, said that the student, the secretary asked you to go to the rescue team to study. This arrangement is indeed too hasty. For such a thing, I should inform me in advance and ask for my opinion. The overlord is hard to bow, which makes my heart unhappy. According to the plan, the next morning, I will go to the security inspection department, and then the mine will send us to the national land acquisition and rescue base. I am a little bit tempted, and I didn��t bother to prepare things. The partner who went to the excitement said to me, "You haven��t gone to the ambulance battalion to study. Don��t worry, you don��t know, every meal is four dishes and one soup. "This is a double break." He really opened my eyebrows. "So, is it a salary tour?" I am excited to return to him. "No," he said cheerfully. This is the origin of this article, but also the origin of the Sansu grave. Beforehand, my plan is like this. I should go to Sansu Grave at some time in the fall, because, in essence, I still think that Su Shi belongs to the fall of "the infinite fall of the woods." His life is sad. His soul is also sad. Therefore, as a descendant of the younger generation, the season of touching the scenes should be autumn, such a climate, such an atmosphere will help me to understand him. On the 2nd of August, on the weekend, I took a taxi to Jixian County and visited the Sansu Tomb. Sansu Tomb is located at the foot of Mount Lushan in the Funiu Mountain Range in Jixian County. In the summer of the Republic in the summer of the 65th, the drought in Henan, the land cracked, and the corn in the ground was full of boring leaves, seemingly unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of supporting the people. In fact, they did not do anything about it. There are a few old farmers who are dragging long water pipes to irrigate the fields. In fact, they don��t have to be chickens. Even if the land is irrigated, the harvest will not be good. The drought that has not happened in sixty-three years, everything is yellow, and the vibrant summer is like the autumn solstice. I instinctively think that if I know in advance that this year is a disaster year that I have not seen for decades Marlboro Cigarettes, will anyone still work? Spin, I got the answer, "Yes!", just like this ineffective irrigation, they planted Cigarettes Online, in fact, planting hope. When you sow your heart, you will be practical. If you don��t sow your heart, you will be empty. As for harvesting, it is another thing. Me, why am I going to visit the Sansu Tomb with a sinister sun today? Perhaps it is also looking for a hope, a difference with money, difference with material hope! I know in my heart that this may not be true, but it must be gone! "There are no left and no right in front of the four seas; one of the three bachelors is like the sky." I picked up the Sansu Garden. Sansuyuan, the content is far more informative than I thought. In the middle is the three octagonal ancient houses that introduce Sansu and his sons Marlboro Gold. The three houses form the "back" shape, with Su Shi in the middle, Su Su in the middle, and Su Shi in the right. Chinese demeaning readers always use a few inferior words, "the power of hands without a chicken", "a hundred disease students" and so on. As a generation of writers, Su Shi, as one of the prose leaders of the eight generations of the text, he should be weak in the traditional concept. In fact, we were once again deceived by ourselves. When we arrived at the Su Shi exhibition hall, the first thing that came into view was the 18 transparent glass hoods. Under the glass hood, there was a rammed earth, others were either gravel or The stone that was knocked down on the stone. I am puzzled by this. I saw the following comment saying, "This land is from the place where Su Shi is." I immediately fell into meditation. Yes, as far as the history I read, Su Shi��s life was shackled. There are as many as eighteen places. The softest place should be the West Lake from Hangzhou Newport Cigarettes Coupons. "If you want to make the West Lake better than the West Marlboro Lights, the makeup is always appropriate." At this time, Su Shi should be soft and affectionate; in this case, the glass cover The stone is from Mizhou. "The old man talks about juvenile madness, left yellow, right Qing Cang"
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