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I have a long time, the current is very clear, straightforward, and forget to fly quickly, just remember some names, pieces of things seem to mix and match any piece can form a story of running water. To put it bluntly, if life is a dream, it is already numb and decaying. The inner void seems to be a layer of cockroaches. Let me see that everyone is holding a key in his pocket. "Save me," I screamed inside, and the "cheers" blurted out. I can feel the scarlet blood in my body flowing lazily, and I lost my heart to the heart. What am I doing? These days, the wet and cool air suddenly turned into a bitter winter cold wind, riding a bicycle on the way to school. The road, the clothes are swayed to the maximum limit by the wind, the heat on the body is like being sucked out, and the north wind whistling like a hula, like urging me to say that time is not forgotten. Spreading from the waist, a cold current quickly crawled through the whole body Cigarettes For Sale, and a spirit shivered. I was afraid that the first lesson was a math class. As usual, I started to look at the stiff branches outside the window. No way. Math can't catch my heart. Then Dongge on the stage told me about math problems. My eyes were blurred. I could go to the desk to play with the ropes, but I couldn��t possibly sniff the smell study function of the math book. Eyes are blurred, squinting at the chalk on the blackboard, the pupils expand a little, the white lines become the jumping snow children, forgetting to dance on the dark green blackboard, and making some deep sea singing songs. . Are they tired of it, tired of the turquoise of the deep sea, can't wait to see the light blue and white of things above sea level, and then sniff a little salty sea breeze. I was in the south of the misty rain, blowing the dry wind that was unchanged in the ancient times - my thoughts returned to the green blackboard Cigarettes Online. Then I went to the window. This time it was not the same. I found the millet worm that was curled up on the side of the window sill. It was not the millet worm, the adult worm, the flying insect with wings. What is it doing? Does the gray-black wings represent not the brilliance of the brilliance? But in the humility of gray, I found its roots again. Yes, it is the adult worm. Perhaps it has been swayed to a safe place, without wind and rain, but suddenly attacked a group of tall animals to stay on the edge of his new home for a long time. I guess the little guy wants to escape this place. I opened the window, it showed a ready-to-go look, knowing that the white tall window frame is a challenge for it. It is not afraid, and it is not because there is no wind and no rain here to settle down, just as if it was originally known to be not its home Marlboro Gold. The little guy shakes the two wings of gray-black, as if to throw away the fact that it is a rice worm, greet the gray but the vast sky outside, the wind is getting bigger, and the tentacles are also inductive. Are you afraid? The gray sky began to roar, and it screamed and despised the world. Two pieces of gray and black shook a bit, and the weak body began to lean backwards. The ear was still the teacher's loud lecture sound, but it turned into a horn at the moment when the little guy shook. Fly to the outside, find what you want, leave the restless place and rush out, and a strong wind takes away the imaginary body. Taking time, I went back to the classroom. I got up very confidently, and my feet stood together. The north wind roared, the bamboo was messy, and a thousand dead leaves were stirred up. Then the suspicious greens reappeared, and the white elves began to dance and return to calm. Whether it is gray or black, is there any fear? I guess there is, and it is hard to find a place to live, but it is driven by a soul that is eager to be free. I am not like this. If I am still satisfied with the ordinary life, is the ending of the drunken dreams more certain? I don't want to scream in the bottom of my heart, the voice is terrible than the ghost. From shading to full bloom, I want an extraordinary heart to become more and more urgent. In the body, the blood is moving in the plop, as if to give the heart a harder blood transfusion, I want to usher in a fear and laziness, despair The inferiority of the duel, I will never allow myself to flatten me to save, save lives and people. Therefore, no longer fear, and no longer refuse to sneak into the blood full of dream factors, I and Endeavour have no distinction.
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