How does the reversible hammer crusher solve the impurity problem?

The reversible hammer crusher is susceptible to some external factors during operation. The presence of impurities will not only cause the equipment to malfunction during operation, but also reduce the price of old metal recycling. Let us look at the impact of impurities on reversible hammer crushing Impact of the machine:
1. The quality of finished products is low
For the reversible hammer crusher, if impurities are mixed in the production, the processed finished product will also contain some impurity particles, which will reduce the quality of the finished product, which will inevitably lead to a reduction in the price of the finished product in the market. On the one hand, preventing impurities from being added to the equipment is an important aspect of ensuring production profits;
Second, cause equipment failure
If impurities enter during production, it is easy to cause equipment failure. For example, the equipment has many relatively small gaps. If impurities are mixed into them, it will not cause any impact on the equipment in a short time, but for a long time During the production process, the number of impurities increases. At this time, some failures will occur, such as blockage of oil passages and pulling up of precision parts. In addition, the presence of impurities may increase the difficulty of production and make internal parts wear relatively Seriously, while the failures are frequent, it also reduces the life of the equipment and increases the cost of maintenance. Therefore, from this aspect, it is also very important to reduce the input of impurities.
As can be seen from the above, the impact is mainly due to two aspects, one is the decline in the quality of the finished product, and the other is the equipment failure. From these two aspects, the input of impurities must be reduced. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to ensure that inspections are performed when the feed and hydraulic systems are clean. Only by doing this can the quality of products and the safe production of equipment be guaranteed.
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