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Guo Jingming is the youth of a generation. He uses the fantasy castle and the beautiful youth piled up in words. He sings songs every night and makes people forget to return. Guo Jingming is a very good author. No matter how bad the current style is, he can't deny his grandness. The literary imagination and the writing of Guo Jingming, who is rarely a man, is a successful businessman. He can seize every opportunity. The text is his stepping stone. He has created his own huge business empire and got the high life Guo Jingming he dreamed of. I used to be an idol I admire in my most youthful years. I admire him, envy him, and even marry him! No matter how people in the moment curse him Cigarettes Wholesale Price, scorn him, and hostile him, I think this is a The thorns and winds that the gods standing on the altar on the road to the sanctuary should have been subjected to. Today, I still have to say to Guo Jingming: "Goodbye", I have appreciated it for eight years. The leader of the literary world, finally eight years after the storm, was drawn by me to an imperfect period. In 1998, Guo Jingming was in the major literature network. When the manuscript was not happy, the world just had me in 2003, Guo Jingming��s "Fantasy City" was published, I was still a six-year-old child with a lollipop 2013, "Little Times" released, I have already done Guo Jingming's four-year literary believer, I like Guo Jingming, and cleverly avoided the time when the plagiarism of the "Dream in the Dream" was raging. After that, the news became old news, and few people mentioned it, and I completely did not know that my friends said that since Guo Jingming decided to make a film, he has abandoned a large number of supporters. After the filming of the small-era series, all the likes and pursuits have become a difficult match. The Internet has begun to generate a large number of remarks against Guo Jingming. Many people want him to be unscrupulous and will be so worthy of money. The world of desire is intertwined in the hearts of many of the filmmakers. His life outlook is distorted, and all his life pursuits are life that is difficult for others to compare with others Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. At that time, due to academics, due to various pressures, and because of the beginning of contact with the network, he saw many remarks and supported Guo Jingming as always. There was a slight crack in the beginning. It was discovered from the beginning that some people on the Internet were jealous of Guo Jingming, out of the wrath of idolatry, and those who had tore each other to the later peace of mind to read all the long and short stories of true and false, then I I found out that I didn��t know much about Guo Jingming. At that time, I realized that no idol would completely expose myself to the sun. I know that the one who is single is so poor, I don��t bother to study it. People don't want to take off the secret of the other side of the yarn, so I began to learn to let go, at the very least, fade. I admire Guo Jingming, naturally it is under his words. The kingdom he created with words is so novel and huge. I admire Guo Jingming. I think that he is walking too smoothly on the road he loves. Nothing is innocent. I am Guo Jingming. I feel myself as a fan of words. He has such a unique literary creativity and unrepeatable open life Guo Jingming, which is bound to become an extremely prominent landmark in the red and red dust, known and remembered. Even if it comes with ridicule, jealousy, and cursing when a person is missed, it is enough to prove that Guo Jingming, whose shadow was harassed by negative news, is now exposed to the scandal of his homosexual writer. . I know that if you are true or not, you will not care about his various things when someone will go deep into it and the worst is to give up a person. Guo Jingming is now, for me, just a gap between a public figure and a civilian. Regardless, this gap will narrow or increase Guo Jingming��s school in the middle school and university, and create an era of his own campus feelings. Guo Jingming now lives the extravagant life described in his book, but no one has the right to dismiss it. After all, it is his own efforts Marlboro Usa Price. Guo Jingming will not give up literature, because everything he is today is the sustenance of the accumulation of words. Many people will thank Guo Jingming for appearing in his own world Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. Like a narrator, many people never regret to insist on doing this many years of listening Marlboro Lights Online, but Xiaosi, thank you! Guo Jingming, goodbye!