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Speaking of the word Furong, people often know that the hibiscus flower is graceful, warm and elegant, but it is still unfamiliar with the type of hibiscus flower. Under the radiation of the word "Furong", there are three types of hibiscus flowers that are fascinating in the earth. One is shrub hibiscus flower; the other is hibiscus flower, also known as lotus flower; the third is hibiscus tree velvet flower Parliament Cigarettes, also known as acacia flower. Among the three different hibiscus flowers, the well-known genus is the shrub hibiscus flower, which is popular because of its bright colors and rich flowers. For thousands of years, the wise man has created a splendid and civilized hibiscus culture with the laurel of Furong. The names of the names of Furong are everywhere. The capital of Malaysia's Negeri Sembilan is called Furong, there is a Furong City in Sichuan Province, Furong District in Changsha City, Hunan Province, Furong Street in Jinan City, Furong Well in Furong Street, etc. There are also many examples of Furong's named goods, store names, names, and titles, such as: smoke - "Furong King", the name of the store - "Furong Hotel", the name of the person is even more invincible; the art works have the movie "Furong Town" The essays are "Hui Rong Shu Xia" Online Cigarettes, etc.; the literary works include the bimonthly magazine "Fu Rong" of Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, the novel "Fu Rong Jin", etc.; the poetry with the content of Furong makes you unforgettable, the Northern Song Dynasty writer and painter Su Yuyun: "Qianlin sweeps a yellow, only Furong alone. Calling for the frost is not known, but the most effective is the cream." Wang Yun, a poet painter of the Tang Dynasty: "The hibiscus flower at the end of the wood, the red hair in the mountains. The closed people are lonely, and they are opening and falling." Bai Juyi Yun, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: "Let's drink two or three cups at night, and call Jiangtou alcoholic. Mo is afraid that autumn is not accompanied by drunkenness, and water lotus is full of wood lotus." The "Furong Fruit" tastes Lejin to make you three-footed; Furong is also used to refer to "beauty", which can often be seen in ancient poetry to express praise and appreciation for women - elegance, beauty, beauty, purity. People show the style of hibiscus flowers in various ways. The hibiscus flowers are really beautiful and charming. The hibiscus flowers are originally from the Yellow River Basin in China and all over East China and South China. In the long history of three thousand years, it is highly respected by people in Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan, and Shandong. It has a unique rhyme - the flowering tree species; the gentle character - like warmth and moisture, is favored by everyone. It adorns the blossoms of nature and is colorful. The person at your fingertips cultivates it and tastes it; the unreachable person envied it and admired it. The ancient capital "Chengdu" was once known as "Rongcheng" with the beauty of hibiscus flower; the Xiangjiang generation won the reputation of "Furong Country" in Hunan Province with the beauty of "Autumn Wind Miles Furong Country". The precious thing about hibiscus is its ornamental, practical, and quality. The ornamental nature of shrub hibiscus lies in the fact that the trees are large and the flowers are beautiful. The shrub hibiscus flower has won the love of everyone with its large body and colorful flowers. The red hibiscus flower is pink, symbolizing childish romance; the white hibiscus is white, symbolizing pure and flawless; the yellow hibiscus flower yellow is like gold, symbolizing gorgeous and rich; the five-color hibiscus flower is red and white, also known as hibiscus, symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth. The combination of the beads and the hibiscus flower is a dream like a dream. The early morning flowering crown is white, and it turns into a deep red color when it is withered in the evening. It is a rare and precious variety. Some people praise the Hibiscus tree in this way. "There is a practicality for people to plant a hibiscus tree. The practicality of the hibiscus hibiscus is that it is widely used and valuable. The shrub hibiscus is full of treasure Cigarettes For Sale. First, the ornamental is strong, the color Brilliant, fascinating; Second, Furong bark fiber can be reins and weaving; third, roots, flowers, leaves are available for medicinal purposes, with the effect of soothing the nerves, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, appetizing and qi, extracting extract External treatment of fractures, pain, swelling and pain. It has a certain anti-cancer effect, inhibiting the spread of cancer cells. Dilated swelling, hemostasis and hemostasis. External treatment of bruises and swelling, traumatic bleeding, itchy skin, leprosy, hoe Chronic ulcers, joint contusions, vaginal trichomoniasis, eczema, and ankles. Fourth, the flowers are gorgeous, the safflower is clustered, the beauty is chic, the fragrance is fragrant, the smell is aromatic, the garden can be beautified, and the environment is improved. The quality of the shrub hibiscus flower lies in ����Not arrogant, unique fragrance. It does not compete with spring flowers, it is not beautiful with summer flowers, but it is only open until autumn. It is full of beauty when it is exposed to frost, and it is called the late autumn style. Some people call it "Rejecting frost" In the late autumn, the flowers are withered, but it is proud of the bloom. The poet Fan Chengda of the Song Dynasty described the hibiscus flower: the ice-bright jade natural color, the desolate fight for the Westwind Wholesale Cigarettes. Reluctant to marry the Dongfeng, the Yinqin cream dew, the water hibiscus (the lotus) also With its ornamental, edible, connotative, political, and cultural, it is the leader in the world. Furong tree (Acacia tree) is ornamental, beautiful, like a pom-pom, fragrant, and delicate. The green shade is like an umbrella, the safflower is clustered, the beauty is chic, the leaves are clear and lovely; the kindness����Ye Qi, the sunset is combined, the sunrise opens, giving a symbol of friendship; the greening����being the shade tree , street trees, or planted in the garden pool, etc.; environmentally friendly - strong resistance to hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide, certain resistance to sulfur dioxide, chlorine; medicinal - acacia tree bark and flower available medicine It has the effect of calming the nerves, relieving pain, appetizing and relieving pain, and extracting the extract for external use to treat fractures, pain, swelling and pain. Practicality - solid wood, straight texture, fine structure, durable, can be used For furniture Marlboro Red, farm tools, construction For shipbuilding purposes; predictiveness - Acacia trees are different from yin and yang. They are called sensitive plants. They are listed as the first choice for earthquake observation. Three species of hibiscus are presented with flowers, medicinal for the first time, and practical tree products. People who love Hibiscus can smell their love, appreciate their elegance, taste their products, use their products, and feel the happiness of Hibiscus.
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