ffs open. After the cold


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ffs open. After the cold, put some fresh pepper sprouts, fragrant shoots, salt and chili powder, stir evenly, then use a new piece. The white cloth, wrapped in the mouth of the basin, and then tied tightly with a thin rope, in order to prevent flies from patronizing, the locusts will grow, and they will be exposed to the sun in the hot sun. Every day, the mother will open the cloth and stand in the scorching sun. Ah, stirring, tired and sweaty, so that it will last for a month or two, the sun is sticky and thick, the color of the sauce has become purple, even if it is. Although this kind of practice is very troublesome Newport Carton Cigarettes, but the bean paste is extraordinarily fresh and tender, and then a little bit of grinding oil is really make people want to drop. The average person is too lazy to work hard. Without this patience, the bean paste made in taupe will be greatly reduced in quality and taste. The mother will make two or three large pots every year, except for the aunt and aunt, but also one family. In the impoverished years, the rural material was scarce, and the peasants�� lives were very bitter and cold. Unlike the current material development, there are all kinds of food all year round. At that time, every winter, the weather is cold, the land is ridiculous, the people It��s rare to see a piece of green leaf in a few months. The bean paste is the main dish in the life of farmers. Because it is too salty, and can not eat more, everyone has a small dish of bean paste per meal, even the happiest life. Some people in the winter are sweet potato noodles, sweet potato batter soup, no food has been eaten, rushed to eat salt. I have heard a little story from my mother: There is a very poor old lady. When I was at the door, I saw the neighbor��s house eating the bean paste. It was a blind eye. Only Nono asked a neighbor for a small bowl of bean paste and returned. The family, like a baby, is reluctant to eat, put it on the top of the door. When eating every day, use chopsticks to symbolize the door and smash it in the bowl Order Newport Cigarettes. Then I feel it is very fragrant, and I watch it in a few days. Seeing that the bean paste is missing, over time, the son discovered her secret. When she didn't pay attention, she sneaked a little bit of it every time. Later, the old lady saw it less, and looked at it. Then he said with dismay: Hey! Pointing at eating so fast! Because of the mother's diligence, life is carefully calculated, there is also a spirit of innovation, even in the era of extreme poverty, it can always be refurbished and put life The adjustment is odorous and will not let us suffer a little wrong. I have a bad body since I was a child. I have been sick and sick all the year round Buy Cigarettes Marlboro. My mother cares for me in a thousand ways. I have developed a bad habit of picky eaters. I don��t like to eat noodles. I only like to eat steamed bread with bean paste. Mother Always give me a steamed noodle, and use the small scented scent of the bean paste. Every morning, I haven't got up yet. The mother puts the roasted browned taro slices with a layer of bean paste and gets it. Being in bed. This bad problem has not changed until the middle school. At that time, the school was far away from home and could only go home once a week Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. Every night, the school only made noodles, did not sell hoes, and the mother feared that I was hungry. I would steam a pot of white noodles every week and bring a bottle. Douban sauce, stir-fried a little sesame, smashed, mixed in bean paste, that is really fragrant. Every time I go to school, my mother will send me far away, and repeatedly said: bean paste is pickles Although it is delicious, but can not eat too much, usually buy more green vegetables to eat, soy sauce to share with the students, let everyone eat. After the students ate, they praised the mother's craftsmanship. They had never eaten such delicious bean paste. Since the mother's death, the mother's technology has also been lost. Our family has never made bean paste, even later. There are so many bean pastes sold in the market, and I have never been able to taste the taste of bean paste like my mother. After more than 50 years, I often remembered my mother when I saw the bean paste. I remembered the bean paste that my mother used to make. It reminds me of the endless taste. I remember the mother��s hard work and simplicity, the virtues, and the affection for my children. For many years, my mother has been like a beacon Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. With her kind brilliance, she has always led the way forward in my life!