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My hometown is an ordinary country with no places of interest. But I miss her all the time. I miss the grass and trees, mourn the hot land, and mourn the folks, brothers and sisters who know each other and know me. Every time I go back, I hate to fly in the wings. Standing on the land, I can evoke my memories of my childhood. Behind the small village in my hometown, I was surrounded by a lake called Yanxi Lake. To the north is the mountain, one is called Changshan, and the other is called Gujiashan. The village is nestled among them, accompanied by them, walked through the long river, through the century and time, with a sad heart, with joy, with confidence, with a heavy, to the hometown of the wanderers with warm sustenance, to warm The affiliation of the hometown makes the hometown's wanderers caress, mourns, expects, and cares. He is my ancestors here, endlessly prosperous, prosperous, tenacious and tough to resist today, after the precipitation of the years, the village is exceptionally simple. , serene, calm, until the spring came, the field came with a frog sound. She awakened the spring sleep. It gave birth to spring ploughing, ploughing water, and ploughing cattle everywhere. At this time, the rape blossoms were filled around the village, and the green buds were filled with spacious lawns. When I was a child, I played with my friends in the village: I lost my hands and the eagle caught the chicken. In the rape field, hide and seek along the trench, we walk through the rapeseed, and the flying butterflies are flying around us and dancing for us. We chased each other with open arms, and sometimes caught, and the wild bee who stepped on the nectar, rumbling around us and accompaniment for us. When we were children, we were born with a childlike heart and a childlike mood. At this time, we were innocent when we were children, blending with nature, the spring sun shines on us, bathing our every pulse, and the spring breeze. Blowing our hair, blowing our cheeks, the tender cheeks are all red and red. At this time, the lake is not far from the breeze, the clear lake is sparkling in the sun. In the nest on the tall hedgehog next to the old house, the magpies are soaring at high altitude, sometimes playing in the nest, smelling the birds, the swallows are flying back, we can��t understand the whispering Yan language, but we can see that she is Cheerful, she was like a lightning bolt, and immediately plunged into the slabs of the old house, and quickly flew into the sky. My grandfather looked in his eyes and made a sound of Hong Zhong. Warmly, you don��t want to provoke It Online Cigarettes, another month, will hatch the little swallows, no wonder the grandfather sometimes deliberately sprinkled some fine grain on the ground, let the swallows forage, it is afraid that they are hungry. My grandfather turned the protection of ecology into a natural act and gave us a deep enlightenment for the young mind. This bird language is fragrant and fragrant, and the field is swaying Carton Of Cigarettes, paying the screams of the work of the fathers. In the spring of a game, Jiangnan, in the spring of the year, the south of the Yangtze River, the spring of the year to win the south of the Yangtze River. A flower attracts thousands of flowers, not Jiangnan, it is like Jiangnan, and the small villages have taken the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River. I am infatuated with my hometown, I love my home with my love. On the spring day, I sneak away in the noisy old village. In the summer, the left front that is not too far from the village is a lotus. This Dutch horse is the wealth left by the ancestors of the village. She enjoys the whole village. Every household can pick flowers and pick flowers here. As time went by, we gradually grew up, or our group of ghosts, half big and big, invited together, plucked the lotus. This lotus is natural, unlike the current lotus, it is bitter to eat overnight. At that time, the lotus we picked was naturally sweet and not greasy, but it was not bitter. We picked up a lot of us and we were reluctant to eat them Marlboro Red. We also brought them back to our younger siblings because they were smaller. Mothers sometimes use the rock sugar to smash the lotus rice to feed the younger brother who is waiting for the milk. The mother said that this is a good thing Cigarettes For Sale, it is to raise the heart to go to the fire. When you approach the Dutch, you are dazzled. Those red, yellow and white lotuses fill the entire lotus. A beautiful poem: Xiao He has a pointed tip and has stood up. Especially in the early morning of summer, the cockroach is full of lotus tips and petals. When we were young, we also asked, is it a nectar on the top, or a drop of water on it? The adult answered yes, take some water! There is also the waterdrop on the palm of the lotus leaf Cigarettes Online, which is crystal clear and clear. When you step forward, the aroma of the lotus leaf with the lotus leaf is scattered on the body and cool. The guy who was teasing and laughing was laughing, hahahaha. Ouch! We are free and unrestrained. The earthy soil of the lotus is black and black, a
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