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Ever since I met the rushing river, I have known my south and north Marlboro Red. My South and the North are very close together, so close to each other. My South and the North are far apart Marlboro Lights, so far too far to measure. The geese fly south, using wings to shorten the distance between my south and the north. The return of the swallow, with the spring mud, expresses my warm affection in the South and the North. In my south, Yue Opera and Huangmei Opera grow like rice and sugar cane. In my north, Beijing Opera and Qin Opera are as strong as soybeans and sorghum. Taihu Lake, West Lake, Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake reflect the charm and beauty of my South. The Yellow River, the Weihe River, the Mohe River and the Tarim River show the roughness and magnificence of my north. My south is also the south of Li Wei and Liu Yong. The spring of a river is flowing eastward, and it is a beautiful past and sadness. When the dream is awake, the kind of pain that freezes in the moon in the willow of the willows can only be the pain of the talented woman in the south. In the north, it is also the smoldering smoke of the ginseng and Gao Shi in the north. In the snow in August of Hutian, the northern soldiers who rode and drank alcohol were approaching the battlefield of the sword. All the victories and defeats finally disappeared in the desert wind under the cold moon. I once walked through Huangshan, Lushan, Hengshan, Lushan, Yandangshan, looking for my southern. My southern part is hidden in the depths of the awning boat, the bluestone bridge, the oil paper umbrella, and the fish scale tile. In the shadow of the Qinhuai River, I stared at my south. In the bells of Hanshan Temple, I listened to my south. In the soft wave of Fuchun River, I embraced my south. My south! The grass grows, the bridge flows, and the apricot flower spring rain. I have traveled through the Tianshan Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Changbai Mountain, Qilian Mountains, and Himalayas to find my north. My north is hidden in the loess kiln, window paper, hot soil, and yurt. In Yanmenguan, Shanhaiguan, Jiayuguan, I am relatively silent with my north. In the Great Plains, the Prairie, and the Gobi Desert, I talked with my north. In the background of camels and yaks, I accompanied my north to the distant horizon. My north! The lonely desert in the desert, the long river sets off, and thousands of miles. Ever since I met the rushing river Cheap Cigarettes, I have known my south and north. From ancient times to the present, the rushing river is like a string, playing a lot of rise and fall, how many vicissitudes. In the sound of the southeast wind, my southern rain hits the banana, the lotus is light, and it is lingering and lingering. In the rhythm of the northwest wind, my northern snow is floating in the wild, the waist is shaking, and it is dignified and far away! My south and north, my eternal hometown and heaven.
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