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Want to know what your car implies about you? Let's take a look at some well- known cars and what they say about the driver.

People who drive family sedans such as the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla tend to be safe Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , practical and very "on top" of things. The Toyota Camry is a no-nonsense sedan that gets you from point A to point B every time; it's well acclaimed for its reliability. Drivers of these type of sedans tend to value function over form.

Lately we've been seeing the trend of tiny sized cars such as the Smart Car and the Fiat. Anyone who rides around town in super small vehicles like the Smart Car is most likely very confident and secure. It takes a lot mental strength and a self esteem in order to drive such a teeny tiny car amidst a sea of SUV's and monster trucks. Any individual who drives a Smart Car is strong minded and not easily swayed by peer pressure

Then we have the luxury cars; Mercedes Benz is considered by many to be at the top of the food chain. Most people who drive Benz tend to be successful and take themselves rather seriously. People who drive a Mercedes are generally concerned about image and status and driving this vehicle lets others know that you have arrived.

Trucks are another type of vehicle that is very popular; models include the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tacoma. Guys who are into trucks are generally tough, rugged and no-nonsense. Some individuals enjoy fixing up their trucks, raising it up and adding big wheels and tires for an even more imposing image. It's not just guys who drive trucks though; plenty of women dig trucks nowadays too. Women who drive trucks tend to be no-nonsense take charge types who aren't too frilly and girlie.

With gas prices we see an increase of individuals driving hybrids such as the Toyota Prius. It's not just super environmentally folks who drive Prius; some just don't want to pay a lot for gas. There are plenty of young professionals and trendy folks who drive hybrids now; they are becoming very mainstream. The Prius receives an impressive fifty miles per gallon. So even though it may not look as "cool" as a monster truck or a fancy Mercedes Wholesale Jerseys Online , this vehicle is probably three times more efficient. Prius drivers to tend to drive slower than regular drivers. I guess they save more gas this way.

Another vehicle that is commonly seen is BMW. BMW drivers have a tendency to be more aggressive on the road, perhaps because BMW emphasizes the fact that it's the "Ultimate Driving Machine" whereas Benz is more aimed for comfort.
Drivers like to show off their horsepower by speeding up and weaving in and out traffic without using turn signals.

Please remember that this list is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to offend anyone in any other way. A car is just a method of transportation designed to take you from one point to another!
When I pay attention, I clearly see the arresting ways God works in my life. Often people I meet in my programs (or elsewhere) give me such profound Wholesale Jerseys From China , relevant messages I know the hand of God is at work and it is to my peril to ignore such directives. Two such recent encounters helped release me from the bondage of undue stress.

In a recent workshop I facilitated I spoke with one woman at the day's end who looked sorely overwhelmed. As we spoke she began listing all she had to do today; all she had accomplished yesterday; and the endless list still needing to be done.

As I gently queried this bright, enthused woman she began to see she was doing too much. What really had to be done today? After a very full, all-day workshop could she just go home and give herself some down time and trust she'd accomplish what really needed to be done in good time? My parting words to her that night were ?Easy does it.?

As she left Wholesale Jerseys China , I saw the gift she had given me. Hadn't I just been feeling overwhelmed with new work I had taken on, plus a host of other life decisions all seeming to demand my attention NOW?

What Really Needs to be Done Today?

Like this woman, I too was doing more in one day than necessary plus Wholesale Jerseys , worrying about all the future tasks to be done. As Jesus admonished us in the Beatitudes ?Do not borrow trouble from tomorrow...?

If you are feeling pressured, overwhelmed and stressed ? it is time to stop and ask, ?What really needs to be done today?? Also Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys , ?How much energy am I wasting worrying about the future?? We need to allow what we have done to be enough and to trust we have the time we need.

Unmanaged Stress Kills

Another client not long ago drove home the importance of managing stress in our lives. I approached this person one day after the program as he seemed withdrawn and resistant.

Sadly, this remarkably gifted man had lost all confidence in his talents to pursue a possible dream in design (although others remarked on the genius he'd applied to his own home). Near tears, he also revealed how he had nearly died from a chronic debilitating disease caused by extreme stress.

With chilling clarity Wholesale Football Jerseys , this man's demise and hopelessness showed me the dangers of eroding oneself with excessive worry, stress and self-doubt (which as humans we all slip into from time to time.) Loudly, this message spoke to me of the importance of managing stress Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , giving ourselves much needed breaks, trusting in the timing of things, and being on our own side.

Pressuring ourselves to do more or worrying about what must be done does not alleviate the underlying feelings of inadequacy and fear. Rather than pushing ourselves to do more or allowing negative self-talk to erode us can we instead sit a bit with ourselves?

Sit a Bit

This can be a challenge because often it is exactly these scary feelings and thoughts we are trying to escape! Try sitting and breathing and accepting this wholly human condition. Let us give our precious selves some kindness and co. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Custom Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Authentic Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Throwback Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys