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learned a bamboo flute from a young age, I am a handsome boy, I have always been confident Marlboro Lights. Not nervous, not anxious. Especially when I was wearing a white coat and holding the temperament of the flute, it was really noble! But this time, I cried for that person! My teacher, a 70-year-old man. The master also learned bamboo flute from an early age. People in their 70s, but their fingers are still white. The white flame burned on his head. His clothes were always dyed with little dust. The house where the master lived was a modern house, but with a breath of classical art. The master said that this is the best bamboo flute. Playing place. There are hundreds of bamboo flutes of the master, and each one is treasured from the time he learns bamboo flute. Some precious, he also carefully put it in a jade box and wipe it every day. I once asked him why this is why he answered me: This is the respect for the flute. If you don't respect the flute, then the flute will not pay for your noble soul. Every Saturday and Sunday, I went to his home class. He does not charge tuition. He accepts me as a disciple just because I am the grandson of his old friend, and he wants to pass on his veins. The flute I used was what he used when he was a child Marlboro Red, and his teacher carved it out with a knife and a knife. I blew the flute, and it seemed to leave the mouth of the master playing the flute when I was young. He said that I played some more and gave me a sculpture. I was very excited at that time, showing off to others everywhere, the teenager at that time was so stupid! But I didn't think that my flute would have been given to me on that occasion. On June 19, 2012, the master died in the hospital. During his hospital stay, I often went to visit him and comfort him: this little illness will be fine for a while. But the master is just a smile to me. When I am not there, I have to practice more. Yes, I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence. It was later discovered that he had previously known that he had not been there for a long time. At the funeral of the master, I wore a mourning dress with filial piety and was sad for the master. His wife gave me a delicate wooden flute. Packed in an old wooden box. As if on the flute Wholesale Cigarettes, there is still a hand temperature when the master is carving. I sang a song for the master, and I kept crying until the tears dried up. Since then, I have made up my mind to learn to play the flute. Later, I don't know why, it is not easy to play the flute for others, perhaps because of the master.
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