Between loved ones


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Between loved ones, it is also necessary to have fate. The world is so big, there are so many people, and it��s the people who are in the sea. It��s just a good time, become your loved ones, cheerful, sad, plain, In many days, I have inextricably linked with you to outline the fate of my life. It is only a matter of depth. Some of them have never been thought before. If I am not my parents, we are just strangers. People, we will be friends. The idea is that this summer vacation, I am working in a factory for summer vacation. I live in a dormitory with four people, all of whom are middle-aged women, and my mom is almost the same age. Hometown. Although I have been living in a dormitory since I started junior high school, I am still very comfortable with the collective life. I am still a little nervous and anxious. Because the roommates are all in my twenties, the generation gap is definitely there, but I don��t know how many Carton Sale On Newports. deep. Roommates are also taking care of my fellow, telling me what to pay attention to when I go to work, what is the workflow. At the beginning, they will talk to them about their family and children, and how to cook. Later, the topic is getting less and less. They don��t often chat, they are doing their own things, occasionally talking about gossip; not going to work. At the time, roommates basically went to the market early to buy food, and I went to sleep late, except for going to the cafeteria for a few days without going out. There is a roommate, although she did not say it clearly, but from her conversations with others and her usual look at my eyes Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, I know that she does not like me, I really do not value too much, because everyone is an independent individual, have their own I like it, I don��t like it. If my mom and I are strangers, she is one of these roommates. Will she like me? Will I like her life? We, will we be friends? This assumption can never be established. I feel that there is still a need for serious thinking, and it is also a reflection of the self. When there is no natural barrier between relatives and friends, from strangers to friends, it is often because of the same hobbies, value pursuits, and being attracted by the good qualities of the other party, such as a person's kindness Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, diligence, friendship, etc.; Between, many good things that should be there are ignored. People often leave their best side to others, and leave the bad side to the closest relatives, because they are the closest, so they don��t Worried that they would lose them because of these bad behaviors, and feel that they should give infinite love and tolerance as they should Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, so the anger and the bad temper that are not shown outside are scattered on them, even treating others. There are infinite friendships and gentleness. It is just that it is very regrettable to treat such loved ones with such gentleness. Everyone wants to love and be loved. No one should be treated as "malicious", even the most dear. At the beginning of the story, from the day of birth, each other becomes a loved one, and there is an endless fate. With the development of the plot, some people have deep fate, full of deep friendship between relatives; some people, fate Shallow, slowly become the most familiar stranger. These are all things that can be found. There are always things, some of them that have contributed to today��s endings, to being a loved one, and how to be with each other in each other��s years Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. It��s worthwhile to cherish this fate and live up to it. Finally, I was sentimental at the intersection of time.